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“I can’t talk to you this week, Dr. Corcoran! I can’t even think about college, because I’m too busy working on my Extended Essay/Facharbeit /Senior Thesis!”

Wait a minute! Whether you are a student in the International Baccalaureate program, a German Gymnasium or a college-prep program at an American high school, this project plays a crucial role in your college applications. Plan things well, and you’ll save time!

Plus, you’ll be in better shape when it comes to asking for letters of recommendation, or producing a writing sample for any college that asks for one.


Your topic is crucial

Colleges sometimes request a sample essay. It helps to have used your senior thesis as a challenge to explore a topic in a core academic discipline; one in which you may well major. Check the college’s requirements carefully, and consult with your thesis advisor early on!

Athena Advises: For your senior thesis, choose a field and a topic that is related to what you plan to study in college.

And so is your timing

It should now be obvious why it’s a good idea to finish your Extended Essay over the summer before your final year of secondary school.

Have you thought about your senior thesis as a factor in your teachers’ recommendations? The more your teachers know about you, the more they can say in support of your applications to the UK or US–or for scholarships. Your teachers can write about your scholarly promise in greater depth if you give them the evidence of your senior thesis.

For that, of course, you must finish your research paper in a timely manner. Your exact plan will depend on several variables: the schedule for completion at your school, your earliest application deadlines . . . This can get complicated, so be sure to get advice as early as possible!

That’s why Athena Mentor offers Extended Essay support only as part of college admissions counseling

We do our best work with students who come to us well in advance of senior year. That gives us enough time to plan together for a senior thesis that is an integral part of your college application–and it gives you enough time to write, revise and submit a convincing piece of work.

That’s why Athena Mentor advises students on their senior theses, Facharbeiten or Extended Essays only in conjunction with college admissions counseling.

If you are already one of our students, you’re set!

One last point



Just in case you’re wondering: we will not write your Extended Essay, Facharbeit or senior thesis for you.

Yes, we know that you can buy a thesis on the internet. It’s a very bad idea. The best thesis for you is your very own work, which reflects your concerns and your mind.

This is also the writing sample that will fit seamlessly intoyour college application.

If you’d like to work with us on a unified plan for completing your secondary-school requirements and applying to college, send us a message!

Wishing you an exciting intellectual adventure with your thesis,

Dr. Marlena Corcoran

Founder and CEO