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school Lunch for 3,500 schoolchildren

In the name of our dear students, family and friends, Dr. Corcoran has donated 3,500 school lunches to the children of schools served by Steve Peifer in Kenya.

The national drop out rate in Kenya is near 75%. When Steve introduced a school lunch program, the drop out rate in the schools he serves plummeted to near zero.

In 2007, Steve was nominated as one of six “CNN Heroes.”

Guidance Counselor of the Year

Steve has also been recognized as “Guidance Counselor of the Year” by Yale University. Well, I should hope so.

You can make a difference!

Most of us don’t work in circumstances quite as dramatic as Steve’s. The danger to us is not starvation, but complacency.

Steve Peifer makes a difference. So can you. Teenagers are often the people with the keenest sense of injustice, and the sharpest vision of how different the world might be.

If you are a teenager with dreams, don’t let anyone tell you that the world has to be the way it is. You can change the world! Now get out there and do something!

With gratitude to all the young people who have shared their dreams with us,

Dr. Marlena Corcoran
Founder and CEO