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It’s almost midnight!

This is the first time in ten years that I’m looking at the clock, with a whole two hours to go until midnight on New Year’s Eve–and not one Athena Mentor student is still racing the clock to beat that January first deadline.

There are other deadlines in the admissions calendar, but this is the biggest one, especially for students applying to highly competitive colleges in the United States. Still, our students’ performance this year is proof that, with careful planning, you do not have to push everything off until the very last minute.

Our new policy of encouraging students to finish by mid-December is working! It can be done!

And even those of you who finished today and are mopping up the details, such as sending in your test scores, deserve our admiration and praise. You did it!

Is it all worth it? Let’s ask a student who is just finishing his first semester at college. “You change as a person during the process (of applying to college),” he explains. How does applying to college change you, and how might the changes in you have an impact on the world?


Congratulations, Athena Mentor students!

Your U.S. applications are in, and you’ve taken a very big step toward adulthood.

Athena Advises

Remember to submit your standardized test scores! Double-check to be sure that you have in fact submitted the scores each school asks for. If in doubt, ask your your college counselor–especially if you have questions about “score choice.”

Be sure you’ve asked your guidance counselor at school to send your transcripts!

Check that the appropriate letters of recommendation have been sent to each school.

Check your email to be sure you have received confirmation that each school has received your application.

Remember: you and only you are responsible for making sure that every part of your application has been submitted to each college to which you have applied.

Is it all worth it? Watch the video above!

Wishing you a very restful New Year’s Day,

Dr. Marlena Corcoran

Founder and CEO