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Ready for a sunnier school?

Are you sick of this winter? Exhausted by the flu? This year’s flu is bad, as I can testify. Apparently it is so bad that the U.S. Center for Disease Control had to post a FAQ: How can I tell whether I have influenza or Ebola?

Alright, so let’s dream a little about college in a sunnier location. Check out the two-minute video below for some surprising facts about IE University, with campuses in sunny Madrid and sunnier Segovia.


What is it?

IE University is the outgrowth of Instituto de Empresa, one of the highest-ranked MIM-, MBA- and EMBA-granting business schools in the world. IE regularly appears in the top-ten programs ranked by the Financial Times, Business Week and the Economist.

Athena Advises

IE University offers bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration (BBA), Laws (LL.B.), Communication, Architecture, Psychology, and International Relations, plus a number of dual-degree programs combining these fields of study.

Plus points include instruction in English (some programs may require Spanish), beautiful facilities in a former Dominican monastery in Segovia, and very IB-friendly admissions.

Perhaps most importantly, the bachelor’s degrees of IE University bask in the reflected glory of the prestige of the IE master’s programs–and of IE’s recent cooperation with Brown University, of the U.S. Ivy League.

Nevertheless, Athena Advises you to look carefully at the details. IE University is not identical to IE. For starters, make sure you know where you’ll be studying! Bachelor’s students will probably be studying in Segovia, not Madrid.

The Segovia program is not a full-fledged university, but a set of carefully-defined programs. Ask how many students will be in your cohort. Ask as well about the qualifications of the faculty, the rate at which graduates are accepted into graduate programs (and which ones), and the job placement rate. These questions are especially important to ask at any of recently-founded degree-granting institutions that are not part of a traditional university.

Finally, Athena Advises that you visit! I did! You may be enchanted by the magical location and impressed by the truly international scope of both the faculty and students. Check out the video, which I recorded during my visit to IE University in sunny Segovia.

Best wishes,
Dr. Marlena Corcoran
Founder and CEO