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Will today be the day you hear that you have been accepted at your dream school? From now until the end of March, first-year applicants will be hearing from the colleges to which they applied. While you are doing your best to concentrate on your exams for the Abitur, International Baccalaureate or other degree, you keep one eye on your mail.

If you’re lucky, one day it comes: the news you’ve been waiting for. One, two, three or even more excellent colleges reply that they’d love to have you in their entering class. And if one of these is the college you’ve pinned your hopes on, you reach for the REPLY button and–

Wait! Wait! Read this first!

U.S. colleges generally take until April first to report to applicants in the regular decision round. Applicants can take until May first to reply back to the colleges. You’ve worked long and hard to get to the point where colleges want you. Now, the shoe is on the other foot.

Give yourself some time to reconsider your choices. You’re growing up very fast, and the college that had seemed perfect in October may not be right for the person you’ve become or the interests you’ve developed in the past few months. Also, you may need a few days to let go of some colleges and give others a chance to show you just how great life could be if you agree to come!

Now, they are courting you


That’s right! Colleges have invested a lot of time and money in choosing you. Now, they very much want you to accept their offer of admission. Successful applicants, you are golden! Bask in your glory!

Have you heard about Accepted Student Days? Whatever your colleges call these events, they are designed to show you the sunniest side of each college to which you have been accepted. If you are an international student, you may have waited until acceptances came in before visiting schools. This is the perfect moment to visit the two or three colleges that are highest on your list. See what they are really like! Ask whatever questions you may have. It’s a trial run for your next four years!

A special message for parents

Your teenager is facing what may well be the biggest decision of his or her life so far. You, too, will find you suddenly have a different and more vivid set of questions about the colleges to which your teenager has been accepted. Is the campus safe? Do the alumni of my teenager’s favorite school have an active presence in our home country? What are the career prospects of graduates of this particular college?

And what about financial aid? Is there any chance of negotiating the offer? If we ask for an increase in financial aid, will that jeopardize my child’s acceptance at this college? What if our financial circumstances have changed or are expected to change?

If you’ve been working with Athena Mentor,be sure to talk to Athena Mentor about your final decision. Choosing a college is a monumental decision at many levels, including financial. Dr. Corcoran has experience in helping many families make the right move. This would be the moment to air your concerns in confidence and enlist our help.

Best wishes,

Dr. Marlena Corcoran